Watching a movie/film ('movie' is used in American English and 'film' in British English) is enjoyable and a great way to improve your English. But you need to both watch the right type of film and watch it in the right way.

Try to watch movies/films in English which have simple stories and don't use very complex vocabulary. In addition, whenever you watch any film in English, you should always use subtitles in English (not in your own language).

To help you select a movie/film, We have made the below list of the best 20 movies/films to watch to improve your English. These films can be watched by both adults and teenagers (13 - 19 years of age) who have English level of intermediate or above.

Movie Title 
1. The Hunger Games Films -  United States
2. Toy Story Films - United States
3. The Shinning (1980) - United States
4. North by Northwest - United States
5. Taxi Driver - United States
6. Harry Potter Films - Britain
7. The Truman Show - United States
8. Hotel Rwanda - United States
9. It's a Wonderful Life - United States
10. James Bond Films - Britain
11. Star Wars Films - United States
12. AI (Artificial Intelligence) - United States
13. Bean - Britain
14. The Sound of Music - United States
15. The Pursuit of Happyness - United States
16. The Mist - United States
17. The Shawshank Redemption - United States
18. Forest Gump - United States
19. Life of Pi - United States
20. The Sixth Sense - United States